Wendy’s Global Next Gen Restaurant in New Albany is Now Open!

Wendy’s advances restaurant design with an innovative global restaurant build

Wendy's Global Next Gen Restaurant Rendering with "Under Construction" text overlay

Welcome to an exciting era at Wendy’s®! Cutting-edge technology, modern aesthetics and unparalleled efficiency merge to reimagine the customer experience through Global Next Gen, our new global restaurant design standard. Introduced in 2022, the new design was created to accelerate global growth through the perfect blend of design and technology. 

Join us behind-the-scenes during the build process to learn more about the key milestones along the way.  

Wendy’s Global Next Gen Restaurant Design Standard 

The Global Next Gen restaurant design includes a kitchen engineered for speed and efficiency, and a building which has been optimized to reflect the needs of today's digital ordering preferences, including dedicated mobile and delivery pick-up points and an enhanced drive-thru design. Not only does the new design optimize costs, but Global Next Gen sets the stage for better returns for our franchisees and a better experience for Wendy’s customers, delivery partners and restaurant crew. 

So, put on your hard hats and get ready to embark on the groundbreaking Global Next Gen journey.  

Wendy’s Breaks Ground in New Albany 

We’ve reached our first milestone in the Global Next Gen restaurant construction journey. With the necessary permits, cutting-edge blueprint and professionals in place, we have officially broken ground! Heavy machinery is clearing the lot and digging the foundation in preparation for construction.  

Once the site is excavated, the construction team will begin framing the new, more efficient restaurant layout.

Framing at the New Albany Location is Complete 

As the frame of the restaurant is built, new features are being installed, including one of Global Next Gen’s marquee features: the dedicated delivery pick-up window, which makes it more convenient and quicker for delivery drivers to grab meals, while shifting traffic out of the drive-thru to speed up service for customers.  

The front counter and pick up-window are positioned close to the coordinator station, with drinks and the mobile carryout and delivery pick-up stations only steps away. That means front counter and pick-up window teams can slide between positions easily throughout the day, reducing labor needs in comparison to a traditional set-up.  

The restaurant layout is all about streamlining operations, designed to optimize labor and reduce the number of steps or minutes that crew members need to deliver Wendy’s orders to our customers while creating better returns for our franchisees. 

Build-to-Suit Franchising Opportunity

In 2022, Wendy’s launched Own Your Opportunity, which creates pathways for all entrepreneurs who want to grow with the Wendy’s family through franchising. To support this initiative and to fuel development efforts in the U.S. and Canada, the Company created a $100 million Build-to-Suit development fund where Wendy's secures and builds restaurants in high-potential trade areas and hands over turnkey solutions to franchisees. To learn more about how you can become a Wendy’s franchisee and build a Global Next Gen restaurant through the Build-to-Suit program, visit wendys.com/franchising.  Stay tuned for new updates coming soon!   

Galley Style Kitchen Built for Efficiency 

We reimagined the kitchen with a new galley-style design, running from the front to the back of the restaurant. Global Next Gen kitchens will increase efficiency and oversight for crew by allowing them to easily slide between positions. 

The galley-style kitchen gives the crew line of sight across all ordering channels. Plus, the restaurant equipment is modular, which makes it easy to install and place for optimal efficiency.  

The design also enables ongoing menu innovations as the equipment can flex to accommodate future food trends.  

Wendy's Global Next Gen Galley Kitchen

Optimized Infrastructure and Environmentally Friendly Features (HVAC) 

Global Next Gen restaurants will use more efficient building elements such as lighting, special energy-saving windowpanes and HVAC to decrease energy usage and costs. 

Expanding the Wendy’s Family at our Newest Location 

We’re excited to welcome new team members to the Wendy’s family! Christina Montoya will be the Training Restaurant Manager of the New Albany, Ohio restaurant and has more than 21 years of Wendy’s experience. We’re also looking forward to welcoming nearly 50 crew members and managers to our first Company-owned Global Next Gen restaurant.

Christina Montoya, Restaurant Manager, Wendy's Global Next Gen New Albany

Dedicated Parking and Seamless Mobile Pick-Up

Global Next Gen restaurants feature a separate pick-up window for delivery orders, plus dedicated parking spots and passthrough shelving for mobile pick-up orders. These features are conveniently located for crew members so that delivery drivers and digital customers can grab and enjoy our fresh food more quickly and efficiently. We’re getting more Wendy’s to more people!

Technology Built for the Digital Age

As Wendy’s most innovative restaurant to date, the new location will use Wendy’s® FreshAI technology to automate drive-thru ordering, combined with the cutting-edge Global Next Gen design standard. For the first time, Wendy’s industry-leading AI ordering experience is integrated into a Global Next Gen restaurant to serve customers. Wendy’s FreshAI works seamlessly to automate the Wendy’s drive-thru as an AI-powered assistant for restaurant teams. Even when customers place complex orders using casual conversation, Wendy’s FreshAI can translate their request quickly, accurately and efficiently.  

With the new restaurant design and technology, like Voice AI, team members can focus on the best parts of their jobs – building relationships with customers and delivering Wendy’s favorites with speed and accuracy.  

In parallel, Global Next Gen restaurants are equipped with the next generation of modernized technology that allows restaurant teams to handle significantly more digital business than before. This new tech is also a platform for forward-leaning technology innovation in the months and years to come, ensuring Wendy’s is always on the cutting-edge of QSR. 

We're Open!

The restaurant here at Wendy’s New Albany, Ohio Global Next Gen restaurant is officially open! Fans can now experience the ultimate ordering experience that’s convenient, quick and accurate. Whether you prefer to get your Wendy’s in the drive-thru, inside the restaurant, or through our mobile app, our team is ready to greet you! We hope you will visit us to experience the next generation of Wendy’s restaurant design and grab your Wendy’s favorites.

Grow with Wendy’s 

Interested in growing with the Wendy’s family as a franchise owner? Visit our Franchising website to learn more about how we are supercharging our efforts to transform markets and unlock new growth potential across the globe. There’s never been a better time to be part of our iconic brand!