Chicken Nuggets and Free Nuggets on Wednesday | Wendy’s

Get ‘em spicy or keep it classically crispy, Wendy’s chicken nuggets have served up big cravings for fans throughout the years!

Wendy's Crispy and Spicy Chicken Nuggets

Wendy’s® knows chicken nuggets.  Our fan-favorite, all white-meat nuggs are breaded to crispy perfection, served in orders of four, six and 10-piece counts, and now a Party Pack, to ensure Wendy’s has you covered no matter the size of your nugg craving!  

Whether you get ‘em spicy or keep it classically crispy, Wendy’s chicken nuggets have been a constant fan favorite throughout the years.  In fact, nuggs were the most ordered entrée order of 2023 at Wendy’s! 

Showin’ Our Nugg Love with Free Nuggs on Wednesdays 

Wendy’s chicken nuggets fandom is strong, so to celebrate Nugg Lovers nationwide, Wendy's Wednesday’s gifts every Wendy’s Rewards™ member FREE six-piece nuggets with any mobile app purchase every. single. Wednesday.*   

No matter where you are in the country, you can grab FREE six-piece nuggs with purchase every week, no questions asked, no matter where you are when the craving strikes.  Make sure to download the Wendy’s app so you can redeem your FREE nuggs offer every Wendy’s Wednesday. 

It’s a Nugg Party (Pack)... Get More of What You Love 

We’re stepping up our nugget game with the official Nuggs Party Pack, featuring around 50** of the all white meat chicken nuggets of fans’ dreams, available in Crispy or Spicy. 

The Nuggs Party Pack is great for sharing with friends and family... or to keep all to yourself (we don’t judge!)  Wendy’s is giving chicken nugget superfans their favorite meal even bigger and better than ever – with enough Spicy or Crispy nuggs for any occasion!  Watch party?  We got the nuggs.  Picnic?  Nuggs are covered.  Emergency nugg craving for the whole fam?  No problem, we’ve got nuggs on nuggs on nuggs.  Wedding reception?  Yeah... we’ll bring the nuggs if you give us the invite. 

Wondering where to get your hands on the Nuggs Party Pack?  Check out to find your nearest participating Wendy’s location! 

The Nuggs Party Pack Map is brought to you by the designer of McBroken, the site that clowns on broken ice cream machines at a certain QSR brand across the country.  We don’t break under pressure ... fans can always count on Wendy’s for a Frosty® treat, and now a Nuggs Party Pack.  

The Nugg Love Doesn’t End Here 

No matter if you’re dipping a chicken nugget in one of Wendy's signature sauces like Ghost Pepper Ranch, BBQ, Sweet & Sour, Honey Mustard or Buttermilk Ranch, or if you choose to use your nugg as a vessel for your Frosty – because let’s be real, a nugget is just as delicious when dunked in a Frosty as a Hot & Crispy Fry – Wendy's chicken nuggets are uniquely ours, and yours.  

Whether they are served up as a snack, the main entrée, part of a Biggie™ Bag or in bulk, Wendy’s chicken nuggets are part of some of our fans’ favorite memories, and the Nugg Love is only getting bigger with the Wendy’s Nuggs Party Pack. 

Wendy’s is known for meeting fans where they are with what they’re craving, and we aren’t slowing down any time soon...

To celebrate the launch of the Nuggs Party Pack and the official website, fans can save $3 off any purchase of $15 or more in the Wendy’s app.* To order the Nuggs Party Pack check for your nearest participating location to order in-restaurant or through the Wendy’s mobile app.  Let’s get this Nugg Party (Pack) started!    

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*Offers only available at participating U.S. Wendy's for a limited time.  Offers must be redeemed in the Wendy's App or Account registration required.  Not valid for delivery orders placed outside of the Wendy's App or website.  Subject to cancellation or modification.  See offer in Wendy's App or for further details. 

**At participating U.S. Wendy’s.  Approximately 45 - 50 nuggets.  Product count based on approximate weight.