Wendy’s Brings the Bacon

Wendy’s menu items with delicious, crispy bacon

Wendy's is brining home the bacon and new Pretzel Baconator

If there’s one thing Wendy’s® is known for (besides our fresh, never frozen, square beef patties*, Hot & Crispy Fries, and fan-favorite Frosty® treats... the list goes on) it’s bringing home the bacon. Cooked daily, crispy, Applewood Smoked bacon, that is. We’re serving up what we believe is the best bacon in fast-food all day, every day. That means, whenever your bacon craving strikes, it's time to order Wendy’s.  

Wendy’s New Pretzel Baconator – A Twist on a Classic:  

Wendy’s is beefing up our bacon lineup with the NEW Pretzel Baconator®. We kept the twin fresh never frozen beef patties, melty American cheese, saucy condiments, and of course, the Applewood Smoked bacon, and added our irresistible Pretzel Bun, adored by our fans time and time again, for a twist that every true Baconator fan and Pretzel fanatic needs to try.  

Wake Up with Wendy’s Bacon: 

Wendy's bacon makes even the most classic breakfast special. We take the quintessential AM crowd-pleaser – a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich – to a new level with crispy, Applewood Smoked bacon, fluffy, fresh-cracked eggs and delicious, melty cheese served on your choice of bread. Croissant? Check. English Muffin? There’s more where that came from. Hot, fluffy biscuit? Better believe it. 

Still can’t get enough of the Baconator? We’ve got you covered with the Breakfast Baconator®, a combination of freshly grilled sausage topped with melted American cheese, our crispy Applewood Smoked bacon, a fresh-cracked egg and of course, more bacon. We top it all off with creamy cheese sauce for a morning of pure bacon bliss.  

Beat the Midday Slump with Craveable Bacon Creations: 

There’s no better way to perk up your afternoon than with one of Wendy’s bacon creations. If you’re looking for a lighter lunch, a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger or the Son of Baconator® deliver big bacon flavor in a slightly smaller package.  

Searching for something salty? Snag an order of Baconator® Fries. Picture our Hot & Crispy Fries layered with warm cheese sauce, shredded cheddar and (of course) crispy Applewood Smoked bacon. It’s all the bacon-laden goodness of the Baconator piled on top of our delicious fries – what's not to love? 

In the mood for some greens but don’t want to sacrifice flavor? Wendy’s Cobb Salad serves up the best of both worlds with a savory blend of fresh greens, warm grilled chicken, tomatoes, eggs, cheddar cheese, crispy onions and our crispy bacon, drizzled with Ranch dressing.   

Late Night Baconator Bites: 

There’s never a bad time for a Baconator, but real fans know Wendy’s Baconator hits different late at night. That’s why Wendy’s keeps the Baconator lineup coming (through the drive-thru) until midnight or later**. 

Hungry for a late-night bite? Satisfy your after-hours cravings with the favorite burger of bacon fiends everywhere: the Baconator. With two fresh, never frozen beef patties, piping hot American cheese, flavorful condiments and six satisfying strips of Applewood Smoked bacon stacked atop a premium bun, the Baconator is the “carnivore-forward” burger to beat them all. Oh, and if your cravings are on the snackier side, that’s what our Baconator Fries are for. 

In the mood for something new, with flavors you already know and love? The new Pretzel Baconator is perfect for you, building upon the Baconator that fans can’t get enough of, now-nestled between our signature Pretzel Bun. The newest addition to the Baconator family is the ideal bite when you’re in the mood for crispy bacon and a warm, soft pretzel with a whole lot of savory flavor.   

Taste The Quality in Every Bacon-Filled Bite: 

At Wendy’s, Quality is our Recipe®, and our values apply to everything we do. While the other guys are focused on the quantity of transactions, we’re delivering quality experiences, and there’s no higher-quality experience than biting into our crispy, Applewood Smoked bacon.  

From classic favorites to fresh new flavors, Wendy’s is “bringing home the bacon” to satisfy your cravings whether morning, noon or late-night. Download the Wendy’s app and head to your nearest restaurant or drive-thru to get your hands on the latest bacon bite, the Pretzel Baconator.  


*Fresh beef available in the contiguous U.S., Alaska and Canada.  


**Hours may vary at participating Wendy’s.